Bomb Cyclone


Scavenging Doe — January 2018


I try to keep up with weather related phenomena, but the Bomb Cyclone that hit us as the New Year was just underway, was a new meteorological term for me. Our portion of the storm produced high winds, left about 6 inches of snow along with drifts, and pretty much shut everything down for more than two days. On Sunday, while I was making a cup of coffee, I spotted this deer checking out the remaining food in our backyard – she had just moved on from a pot of drying Rosemary. What surprised me was that I was able to open the sliding glass door, put one foot on the deck, and take a bunch of pictures without disturbing her too much. I like the way she blends in with the shadows, leaves, and snow.
Anyone who lives in a wooded area, as we do, sees a lot of deer and rabbits. My wife and I call our garden the outdoor buffet. I do not always appreciate their visits in the night as they snack. But this was a pretty brutal storm, and I am sure that finding food and water was tough for wild animals. I may feel differently when I, once again, see my summer garden mowed down; but for this one cold Sunday morning, I’m glad she was able to enjoy our rosemary in the peace and quiet of the aftermath of the storm — and that she let me capture it.


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  1. Ann February 9, 2018 at 10:14 pm #

    I am so taken by this photo. She is so stately. Almost posing for you. Dappled sun and shadows are stunning.

    RAR Response

    Thanks Ann. She had a tyke along with her, standing next to a patio table. They were very cooperative.

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