Thanksgiving Will Be Soon


Thanksgiving November -- 2014

Thanksgiving November — 2014


My Mom, who is 95, has visited us many times over the last 30 years along with my Dad. Starting in 2004, she visited every Christmas for eight years, after my Dad died. We always had a wonderful time. The yearly ritual involved the ladies of the family getting their nails done followed by an always terrific dinner at the Fat Canary. Over the next few days we would shop, visit, eat and drink. On Christmas day, after the coffee was made, we opened presents, which took all morning. Mom kept notes on who the mountain of presents were from so that we could thank everyone properly.
A number of years ago, I gave her two different, framed, views of the Williamsburg Winery signs. A few months ago, she was looking at the two pictures and asked me if I had anything that would make the two a triptych. Her birthday is in October. The perennial question for me, and anyone else who has a parent(s), is, “What to get Mom (Dad) for her (his) birthday?”
Saved by the request. This one was going to be easy. I sent her an email with two new candidates, and she picked the one that is above. She loves Fall colors, and this one fit the bill. It was taken right between her birthday and Thanksgiving.
This week, I took the framed picture to her, reshuffled the deck on her wall, and now she has her triptych. She has always been very supportive and complimentary of my pictures. I am glad that these bring such joy to her.
Happy Birthday Mom, and Happy Thanksgiving from your Williamsburg family, with abundant love.


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