Forward in Time


Forward in Time -- December 2011

Forward in Time — December 2011


It was a beautiful Thursday afternoon in early December. The air was crisp, but warm in the sun. I thought I would go downtown and look at the fresh fruit and greenery decorations on the front doors of homes and buildings, celebrating the Christmas Season in Colonial Williamsburg. As I was walking around I saw these five historic interpreters walking my way at a brisk rate. They were so colorful and active. I was taking so many pictures of them that I do not know where they were going. I do know they were headed somewhere fast.
The umbrella and pavers may not be accurate for the 1750’s, but you can imagine that this is what life looked like back then — the rain barrels, the fences, the buildings, and the trees. Here are five people, festively dressed, walking into the future. And here we are today, looking at the past


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