How Are We Doing?


For those walking to Colonial Williamsburg from the Visitors Center, the fastest, safest way is to use the pedestrian bridge. Walking across the bridge is a journey back in time. There are plaques on the right side, reminding patrons what was going on in the United States at various points in history — before 1980 – there were no personal computers; before 1954 – schools were segregated; before 1913 – there was no social security or income tax. The plaque at the end of the bridge reminds all that in 1776, we were subjects of His Majesty, King George III.
Upon returning to the bridge from your visit to Colonial Williamsburg, there is a medallion focusing your attention on examples of the individual effort it took to make our country American. As you walk back across to the Visitor Center, you will see the images above. These are plaques depicting someone’s contribution to the growth of America. Each person, regardless of means or education, had an idea that would make our country better. The ideas represent the Enlightenment, discovery, education, freedom, invention, arts, civil rights, and civic responsibility. The last plaque poses a question for each of us.
It has been 241 years since the United States declared its independence from the British Monarchy. Turbulent, as well as peaceful times, have occurred since then. It is February, 2017 — more turbulent than peaceful? As you ponder the last plaque, also ask yourself these two questions, “How are we doing?”, and, “What do I want to do to make it better?”


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  1. Connie February 21, 2017 at 8:40 pm #

    Bob – thanks for bringing the placards – and their messages – to my attention. Like many locals, I take CW for granted. We should all walk that bridge more often, to remind us of how fortunate we are to be in America.

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