Colorful Canoes Brighten A Day


Waller Mill Park – May 2017


After thirty years living here in Williamsburg, my friend Susan is retiring and moving up north to be closer to her grand child and family. She had a fabulous career as a law professor and administrator at the College. When not working in academia, she taught yoga classes and helped people practice being mindful. When learning that she was leaving, I asked her what image she wanted to remember of her home here in Williamsburg. It did not surprise me that she asked for a little time to think about that.
A month or two ago, she emailed me with an idea for a picture she had in mind, but she was a little troubled. She knew I already had an image using boats that were near Jamestown Island. I asked her where her boats were and she told me that, actually, they were canoes, but thought that I would think that too close to the marina picture. I assured her that there was plenty room for more than one boat picture here.
I wanted to know why these canoes were special to her, and she said that she loved going to Waller Mill Park and walking the foot paths. The trees, the water, and the gentle peacefulness of the area was a tonic from a busy, professional life. Every time she went, the first thing she saw walking from her car to the foot bridge was the wonderful, colorful racks of canoes, paddle boats, and row boats. Sitting there on the dock, they were ready to provide a sun filled, relaxing day on the water for anyone. And they said, “welcome”, to her. The day I went was typical of a beautiful May day here. The humidity was low and the air full of spring fragrances.
Susan, I hope you enjoy showing this to your grandson. Maybe one day he will come to William and Mary for school and find his way to Waller Mill Park to walk in the footsteps of his grandmother. He will know he is in the right place when he sees the canoes.


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