Spring Afternoon Carriage Ride


East Nicholson Street — May 2019


On a beautiful day last May, where the temperature hovered around 70, I was taking pictures of the Compton Oak. It had fully leafed out and was looking majestic. I was standing near the path from the courthouse to Nicholson Street when from behind me, I heard a familiar clip-clop of multiple hooves and the sound of large wheels rumbling on the street. There are a number of wonderfully restored carriages that are used for tours of Colonial Williamsburg and this red one is striking. The Peyton Randolph house was on the other side of the street, all decked out in its red color, which attempts to emulate expensive bricks, and the carriage was edging close to it. I could not pass up the chance to capture the moment of the carriage passing in front of the house, red on red, so I waited. As an added bonus, I saw that four young, ladies dressed appropriately for an earlier time, were inside. They looked as though they were really enjoying themselves on this dry, cool-ish spring day. I thought, how lucky am I to be here in this moment? In a few seconds, the carriage turned right onto North England Street and was gone.


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