The Sun Is Staying Around A Little Longer


Lamb Recharging For The Next Romp — March 2018


There are a lot of cues that we use to recognize Spring is coming and the cold days of Winter will soon be gone. The sun starts setting later than 4:45 pm. Daffodils pop out of the ground. Fruit trees bud. Birds sing loudly and often.
Starting many, many years ago in mid February, a friend of mine and I, one or the other of us, will send an email entitled, “Pitchers and catchers report today!” and then start a chain comparing notes on the upcoming season and philosophically ponder rebirth.
In the Colonial area, a great way to tell that Spring is rapidly approaching is the baby animals that begin to appear in the pastures and fields. This little guy was romping around with his brothers and sisters one afternoon, stopped, looked around, and decided it was nap time. Not long after this, the lamb was back at it. Even if there is not a great deal of new foliage around, this is a wonderful month to enjoy the view and experience small animals.
Whatever cues you use, enjoy the fact that pitchers and catchers have already reported, rebirth is here, and Spring is coming very soon.



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