Memorial Day 2020

  USS Arizona Remembrance – Pearl Harbor — February 2020   I was fortunate to be with a group of people who visited the USS Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor in February of this year […]


Professional Respect And Appreciation

  The Trellis Restaurant — April 2020   Forty years as a restaurant…opened by a remarkable and forward thinking chef, Marcel Desaulniers…apprentices trained and certified by the American Culinary Federation…one of the earliest ‘farm to […]


Spring Afternoon Carriage Ride

  East Nicholson Street — May 2019   On a beautiful day last May, where the temperature hovered around 70, I was taking pictures of the Compton Oak. It had fully leafed out and was […]


Easter Week And Covid-19

  Williamsburg Inn Easter Weekend — April 2020   Williamsburg Inn Easter Weekend — April 2020   Duke of Gloucester Street Easter Weekend — April 2020   Things are appropriately quiet here in town this […]


Christmas 2019

  Merchant’s Square — December 2019   New Year’s Eve was a beautiful day. Magic seemed to be in the warm, dry air. The streets downtown were crowded with visitors and locals, with all ages […]


35 Years Plus

  Governor’s Palace Canal — October 2019   Over the weekend, Pam and I celebrated our 35th wedding anniversary. The weather was as beautiful then, as it was a few days ago. On our honeymoon […]


Continuously Cultivated For 400 Years

    The other day, I had the opportunity to have a conversation with John McGlennon, my James City County Supervisor, about the upcoming election in early November. We had a chance to talk about […]


Making Progress

      As promised last year, this is an update on the expansion of the Art Museums of Colonial Williamsburg. The construction has steadily progressed, even though our weather has not be the best […]


Number 53

  Govenor’s Palace — May 2019   My first post had a similar view on an equally beautiful day in October, 2015. As I said in that first post, my goal for 52 Weeks In […]


Compton Oak

  Compton Oak On Nicholson Street — May 2019   This beautiful hybrid oak tree, a Compton Oak, is in the center of Colonial Williamsburg, just behind the Court House, and across the street from […]


What Year Is This

  Colonial Gardens With Pasture — May 2019   Williamsburg has an in built way to look at time differently, and it is a gift. Anyone can walk through Colonial Williamsburg and look at a […]


Taking A Walk

  Greensprings Interpretive Trail — October 2015   When I see this image of one of the boardwalks on the Greensprings Interpretive Trail, I think about a song by J.D Souther on his Tenderness album […]


The Sun Is Staying Around A Little Longer

  Lamb Recharging For The Next Romp — March 2018   There are a lot of cues that we use to recognize Spring is coming and the cold days of Winter will soon be gone. […]


Book Ends

  Oxen Considering Options On John Custis Property — March 2018   An interesting coincidence happened while I was at the Visitor Center renewing my Good Neighbor Pass. While waiting for a new ID card […]


Hazzah! Hazzah! Hazzah!

Every year since 1934 on the first Sunday of December, Colonial Williamsburg starts the Holiday Season with the Grand Illumination, where fresh decorations enliven front doors; lit candles are placed in the windows of buildings, […]


Happy Halloween

    A word to the wise who want to eat at one of the Colonial Williamsburg Taverns – Without a reservation, it could be a long wait! Check out how Colonial Williamsburg is haunting […]


Something New To Display Something Old

    The Art Museums of Colonial Williamsburg – October 2018     The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation is a little over a year into a two and one half year expansion to the facility that […]



    If you have any experience living near bodies of water, you know that, more times than not, as the sun sets, the breeze drops and the water calms — a period of time […]


Clouds Behind The Vines

    Along with everyone else who lives on the East Coast, we have had our share of rain the last two weeks. Today, the rain has stopped and the sun is out. I was […]


Speaking Out

    In the Colonial Capitol here in Williamsburg, some of our greatest founding fathers discussed, argued, and legislated as representatives for the people of Virginia. As the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation’s History of the Capitol […]


Gray February Day Points To Rebirth

    Even though I am not a big fan of February, which I know is not unique to me, there is one thing I look forward to on rainy, cold, gray days that gets […]


Bomb Cyclone

    I try to keep up with weather related phenomena, but the Bomb Cyclone that hit us as the New Year was just underway, was a new meteorological term for me. Our portion of […]


Year’s End

    In September, as Fall was beginning, I asked my good friends for more than 20 years, Beth and Greg, if I could take some pictures of their backyard as the sun was rising. […]


Thanksgiving 2017

  James Fort — October 2017   On a Saturday afternoon in October, there was a knock at my door. It was my Delegate from the Virginia General Assembly. We had an election in November, […]


They Knew It When They Saw It

    My friend Bill died about a year ago. The word “big” does not fully encompass his view of life and living and who he was. He had a big heart, big intellect, big […]


Treasure Island

    We have our share of all types of roads in Williamsburg: congested interstates, rural highways, secondary and tertiary roads, along with a good number of dirt roads. Most are scenic. Some decidedly so. […]


Afternoon Ride

    Riding up from College Creek towards the winery, the road is covered by a canopy of leaves, and it is quite shady and dark. It is a nice respite on mile five of […]


Goin’ Fishin’

    It’s always hot here in August. But not so hot that a father can’t jump in the boat to go fishing with his sons at lunch time. When they paddled near me, I […]



  When I moved here in the middle 1980’s, it was strongly suggested that I do two thing: see the Dogwoods in Queens Lake, and go to Pierce’s for barbeque. Both represent a unique Williamsburg […]


Colorful Canoes Brighten A Day

    After thirty years living here in Williamsburg, my friend Susan is retiring and moving up north to be closer to her grand child and family. She had a fabulous career as a law […]



    Remembering Joy – Being accepted Excitement – What is to come Hope – To do the best and succeed Growth – Learning some of life’s lessons Connection – Friendships for life Future – […]



    Oooooh, that’s a nice bike…pretty color, wide handle bars and a basket for your stuff, shiny fenders, coaster brakes, cushy seat, one gear, and you can easily stand with it between your legs […]


Weekend Concert

    Mom is right – when the weekend is beautiful, find something to do outside. It is early spring, the leaves are still budding and the air is clean and fresh. We wanted to […]


Birthday Flowers

    The other day the doorbell rang, I opened the door and was handed the arrangement above. I recognized the work immediately and knew it was for my wife whose birthday was this week. […]


Windy Day

    We have had a lot of windy weather here the last five days due to a slow moving low pressure system that was spinning over Ohio heading southeast before it turned to the […]


An Historical Puzzle

    When I was taking pictures on the pedestrian bridge at the Visitor’s Center for How Are We Doing, it was a very sunny, brightly lit day. It was the perfect amount of light […]


Books Without Titles

    While I was framing this picture outside of the Williamsburg Library, I was standing in the road. Other than a glance to make sure I was not about to be run over, with […]


How Are We Doing?

  For those walking to Colonial Williamsburg from the Visitors Center, the fastest, safest way is to use the pedestrian bridge. Walking across the bridge is a journey back in time. There are plaques on […]


Another Year Ends

    I hope your year went well, and that the one coming is better.  


Christmas Season Begins

  I have known Joan almost the whole time I have lived here. She is one of my dental hygienists. She is always curious about what we have been up to in the previous 6 […]


Forward in Time

  It was a beautiful Thursday afternoon in early December. The air was crisp, but warm in the sun. I thought I would go downtown and look at the fresh fruit and greenery decorations on […]


Thanksgiving Will Be Soon

    My Mom, who is 95, has visited us many times over the last 30 years along with my Dad. Starting in 2004, she visited every Christmas for eight years, after my Dad died. […]


Small, White Rooms

  As a child, when I was ill, our General Practitioner Medical Doctor (GP) would stop by the house to check in on me. He had this wonderful leather bag with two handles on top […]


Ponds and Country Roads

  One of the many charms of this area is the variety of country roads that can be explored. They do not all have picturesque vistas, but many do. Jolly Pond Road is one that […]



  In the spring of 1607 three sail boats owned by the Virginia Company of London, sailed up from the Caribbean Islands and made a turn to port at the Chesapeake Bay. After a brief […]


Past Tents

      The Virginia Arts Festival was held this past June on the lawn of the Art Museums of Colonial Williamsburg. It was called Funhouse Fest and Bruce Hornsby, as was described in many […]


Watch Where You Step

      When I took pictures of the Yorktown Onion in early June last year (Yorktown Onion post), the interesting ones to me were in tall grass somewhat away from me. This year I […]


100 Years of African-American Quilts

  I was walking around downtown on a sunny, cool, late June afternoon and saw this. I was taken by the abstract use of the squares in such a colorful way. The bricks, especially with […]


Respite From The Hustle And Bustle

Where Richmond Road and North Boundary Street meet, near the beginning of Duke of Gloucester Street, hidden in plain sight is the Adams Garden. It is a beautiful, quiet place you might easily pass and […]


Saturday Morning When The Weather Is Warm

  Janice, who helps me with my picture framing, and I were talking a few weeks ago about 52 Weeks In Williamsburg, and I asked her what picture comes to her mind when she thinks […]



      I grew up in Washington, D.C., and in our yard grew native dogwoods. Very delicate trees that my mother forbade my four brothers and me to go near, much less attempt climbing, […]


Days Gone By

    In the early 2000’s my wife and I wanted to find a different way to exercise that was not always indoors. A path called the Bassett Hall Trace Loop had recently been constructed, […]


Room With A View

  There are 2,800 Baskin-Robbins locations in the United States. Why an image of an ice cream store? This one is special for a few reasons. Katie picked this as her image of Williamsburg because […]


That Is A Lot Of Work

    I see the vines grown by the Williamsburg Winery everyday throughout the year. They go from bare vines, to leafing out, to grapes, to shedding their leaves. I have never seen them like […]


Sandbar At College Creek

    I asked someone who is close to me, what his favorite image of his hometown is and he said,”The sandbar at College Creek. When I was in high school we hung out there […]


Misty Morning In The Vineyards

  My wife was on her way to work just before 7:00 AM one morning. She had not been out the door long when I heard the phone ring. “You need to come out here […]


Wren Pennant, Bell, & Clock

  I was sitting at the desk of a special person, Vanessa, and asked her for that one image of Williamsburg that comes to mind. Without hesitation, she pointed over her shoulder at a sketch […]


Autumn Morning In Colonial Williamsburg

  Front steps are swept First tours have begun Joggers start their morning All on a beautiful Autumn day The crisp morning air is lightly scented with hardwood smoke The dry leaves crackle under foot […]


Bridge At Crim Dell

    Fans of the College of William and Mary immediately recognize the image of this beautiful spot, the Crim Dell Bridge, without hesitation. An alumnus and all around great person, Connie, said that the […]


Yorktown Onion

      Do you know what a Yorktown Onion is? My good friend, Vicki, asked me that question about a year ago. She went on to say, “You know, those poodle tail things that […]


First Post

  Most people think of an image like this when they recall a memory of Williamsburg, Virginia. What I hope to show are images that are special to people who live here. There will be […]